Be prepared, this is the beginning of this year’s “Katy takes a million pictures of Louis playing by the creek” posts.  Or have we taken some this year already?  I’m not sure.

I’m going to try and not complain about the weather but I feel like we are so far behind in spring transitions compared to last year.  Luckily, when we head outdoors, there are more and more signs of plants budding and flowers blooming.  And really, I’m pretty sure that my Michigan friends and family still have traces of snow in places, so I really shouldn’t whine.  I just really want more spring in my life!

I had a stressful day of work yesterday but it all seemed to melt away as soon as I hit our driveway.  I met Louis, Bennett and the pups outside and drank a delicious West Virginia made beer out of a mason jar.  So the day totally redeemed itself. 

Louis has been ALL ABOUT pictures lately.  It’s too funny.  While we were out, he started doing this little dance thing…shaking his butt and shoulders and making silly faces.  And later when we were at one of Bennett’s ‘Meet Me in the Alley’ photo-shoots, Lou kept requesting that I take pictures of him.  “Momma, take a picture of my awesome muscles!”  Oh child of mine…