Little did we know, each year Woodsdale Elementary has an end-of-the-year carnival that is sponsored by the PTA.  We seriously have to drive past the school to get to our house and yet somehow we never took notice of this happening.  Or maybe we did and just kept on driving past because giant crowds aren’t my thing.  Either way…

We went this year!  It was crazy how busy it was.  Games, face painting, cotton candy, popcorn, cake walks, the works.  It was free to get in and the tickets were fairly cheap in order to play the games and Louis seemed to really enjoy himself.

We ran into Annie and met up with Carson and his parents.  Louis greeted both kiddos with big hugs.  He’s a hugger.  I like that about him.


It was nice that the games were simple enough for Louis to enjoy.  More often than not, Louis wants to do things he doesn’t completely understand but sees lots of other kids partaking in.  I was happy as a clam when I saw that most things were for him to play as well.  I mean, it was at the local elementary school but he’s still not elementary aged.

To be honest, we really didn’t even need to buy many tickets or play many games.  Louis and Carson were pretty stinking content running around, chasing each other and jumping on the painted lines on the pavement beneath our feet.  They’re still at the age where simplicity in play is best.  I love watching these two develop a friendship.  It’s so sweet.

The weather was still a little bit off.  As you can see, the sun was shining bright (ie: Katy probably should have taken that into account and not photographed people in direct sunlight) but spring is still holding out on us a little.  I shouldn’t complain.  We’ve been outside eight billion minutes more than we were this winter.  I just want a teensie bit more heat so I can start rocking my skirts and summer dresses every day.