Making. Silly faces into the camera every time it comes out.  It’s either eye contact and crazy faces…or smiles and a full-out refusal to look into the lens.  He makes us work for it.

Watching. Mostly Disney Jr. shows.  His favorites right now would be: Doc McStuffins and Princess Sophia.  There’s also this really great show called WildKrats on PBS that teaches him all about different animals and insects.  Kinda awesome.

Tattooing. His arm is never not decorated with a temporary tattoo.  Each time one gets washed off, another is immediately applied.  What can I say…kid likes his ink!

Enjoying. The warmer weather.  And the fact that he gets to go outside and run his energy off more often.  He especially loves days when Daddy takes him for walks to the nearby nursery to get some plants, a lollipop and to hit up the playground right next to it.

Melting. His parents, especially Momma.  Lou’s favorite saying right now is, “I love your heart.”  It basically makes me want to throw every piece of candy or every toy his direction as soon as he says it.  Little Bug, I love your heart too.  You have no idea.

Learning. Something new in school each week.  He is still attending We2 once a week with Bennett.  It will continue through some summer classes and then starting in August, Mr. Big Boy gets to go three days a week for Preschool.  Be still my heart!

Singing. Every song that he can remember the words too.  And ones that he makes up himself. 

Growing. Much to his parent’s dismay.  We can’t seem to keep him little.  Louis has recently taken up the phrase, “When I was little ___________.”  What?  You ARE little!  How can you possibly be using this phrase already?  Stop growing!!

Working. We have started making him earn some money for things he wants.  We aren’t 100% there in practice, but there are days that Louis will beg us to give him a job (ie: clean the living room, pick up his toys, etc) so he can make money for something he wants.

Loving. Annabelle.  Louis will always have a special place in his heart for George Michael and Maeby, but AB and him have become best friends.  We’ve never had a dog that plays with and loves on Louis as much as she does and he is certainly soaking up every second of it.