Feeling. Happy.  I feel happy!
So much is happening in our little world right now and even though it’s crazy overwhelming, I can’t help but stop and enjoy the momentum.  Bennett and I are soon to be celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary, our businesses are moving in the right direction, we are making solid friends in our city.  And even in the chaos, we’ve had moments to spend time with our family and friends.  Even enough to play tea party with my niece, Annie, Louis and the creepy-eyed stuffed animals last Monday.

Questioning. My tea party skills.  Seriously.  I stink.  For being such a creative person, I have the world’s worst imagination.  WORST.  I’ve gotten better at play pretending with Louis (because I have to or otherwise he’d never want to play with me) but I still suck at it.  I was the girl that was dressing up Barbie and doing her hair, not the one giving her a voice and walking her around with her other doll friends.  It’s just not in me.

Longing. For June to arrive.  Which will be here like tomorrow…so it’s no long wait.  We have been out of town every single weekend (but one!) since the beginning of April and we are finally in the home stretch.  Luckily, this weekend is still full of fun travel because one of Bennett’s roommates from college is getting married and we get to go celebrate with them.  Not too shabby!

Watching.  Tattoo shows on onDemand.  No joke.  I love the artistry of tattoos and the abilities that these people have to create something from someone’s random thought process.  And the fact that the “human canvases” will go on these shows to get tattooed.  It’s nuts.  I love it.  Makes me want to get like a million more tattoos though.

Moving. Forward.  Always.  We (as in Bennett and I) have now set a solid date and goal for something important and big in our lives.  And now we have to hit it.  Exciting stuff, folks.

Happy weekend!!

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