Another round of Thursday’s Favorites with Nicole and Meghan is happening right now.  Woot!

You can’t be a self-proclaimed caffeine addict and not like coffee.  Believe me, I love my caffeine in every form…and especially if it comes from a bean.  During the warmer months, I’m a HUGE fan of iced coffee but hadn’t been able to produce it at home to the same quality as my friends at Starbucks.  I’m trying to spend less money on coffee drinks and it became necessary that I find a solution.

Enter: cold brew coffee maker.
Life forever changed.

Takeya coffee maker | Archer Farms coffees in Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee + Cinnamon Vanilla Nut

The thing is, I drink my coffee black.  I know, I know…I’m such a badass (ha!).  All of those iced coffee premade things you can find in grocery stores won’t help me because they’re out of control sweet and mixed with milk already.  Yuck.  And pouring hot coffee over ice wasn’t cutting it for me.  It tasted wrong and bitter.

Thank you Bennett and Louis for a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving.  It’s a simple cold brew system that makes a coffee concentrate that sits in my refrigerator, ready to pour, whenever I need it.  Fill up the inner mesh-like infuser with coffee, distilled water goes in the main part and let it sit in the refrigerator to brew overnight.  The next morning and rest of the week will be iced coffee heaven.

And then obviously you do it again and again and again.
Bonus points if you drink it out of a mason jar with a homemade koozie.

I haven’t stopped at Starbucks for iced coffee since Mother’s Day.  And that’s saying a lot…because there is one practically right next to my office and it calls to me.  It tastes great and I get to feed my habit whenever I need.  Perfection.