Yesterday’s weather was muggy and ick.  But that don’t matta!  We still spent a bunch of our afternoon outside regardless, planting a mini-garden for Louis and playing with caterpillars.

For some reason or another, our house likes to be crawling (literally!!) with bugs.  In May, we get caterpillars.  July/August is millipedes.  Go us!  The caterpillars, though I can handle a lot more of.

Almost exactly a year ago today, Louis was forcing us to carry him out the front door because he was TERRIFIED of the caterpillars that were swarming our place.  This year, he’s all about them.  He picks them up, carries them around and names them all.

The most common names for his little fuzzy friends are: Tickley, Walkie and Treelee.
It’s hysterical because Louis’ “big thing” right now is to name everything he comes across in the animal kingdom.  On car rides, we’ve even had to name the clouds, trees and sky.  Kind of adorable.

Aunt Meredith gave Louis a mini-garden kit for Easter that we planted last weekend in the eggshell kit it came in.  We had no idea that they would grow and flourish as quickly as they did and we had to figure out how to transplant them before our actual garden plot was ready. 

We have deer covering our entire property that like to eat everrrrrrything in the entire world and we don’t have a fence up on our garden plot.  There was no point trying to make that happen if they would just devour Lou’s plants immediately.  So Bennett thought planting in individual terracotta pots would suffice.  It actually looks really cute too.

I don’t know what it is, but I find terracotta pots so charming.

I’m happy to see Louis’ garden grow.  Even if he spent no actual time planting them last night because he was so wrapped up in his caterpillar naming/finding/playing…I’m sure he will be a big part of making sure they are watered properly.  At least he’d better be.

I’m looking forward to getting more seeds planted now.  We have this great old basin sink on our porch that is always fun to plant herbs and flowers in.  I think Bennett started getting that ready last night.  Hellooooooo spring!!