Snapping. My temper.  Yesterday I felt really wronged by a company that I had done some work for.  I even gave them a huge cut of my earnings because I believed in their message so much that I wanted to do what I could to help them.  And now I feel screwed over.  :: sigh ::


Checking.  My Etsy stats and comparing my growth from last year.  It’s been around a year since I first launched my Fifty Nifty state designs and my shop has grown exponentially since then.  It’s wild.

Learning. New sewing techniques.  And how to change/perfect things that I did last year.  For instance: I’ve changed my waistbands on my skirts to softer elastic and a way for them not to fold and move a bunch. 

I was adjusting a skirt I am wearing today this morning.  Me.  In my undies.  Minutes before I was supposed to leave for work.  Sewing up my skirt so it would match this year’s skillset.  I’m nuts.

photo 1photo 2

Dropping.  The ball.  On basically everything house related.  Cleaning, laundry, organization, the works.  I’ll catch up eventually.  Maybe. 

photo 3 (6)photo 4 (3)

Saving. My excitement about the release of Orange is the New Black: Season 2.  Or maybe I’m containing my excitement.  Either way.  I fricken love that show.  The dynamics between all of the characters is written so well and hysterically.  Plus I think I have a mild crush on Alex.  She’s so badass.

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