Hearing. Lots of congratulations today.  Word on the street is that Bennett and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary.  FIVE BIG ONES.  It’s gone by in a blink of an eye.  And I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it.


Hinting. To Bennett that maybe I want to have another wedding.  I know I’m mildly biased but seriously, it was so much fun.  A whirlwind.  But fun, sweet, cozy and full of the people we hold dearest to us.  Who wouldn’t want to relive that?

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Hunting. For another pair of the shoes I wore that day.  They were sparkly gold ballet flats and were super comfortable.  I wore them instead of heels because I know who I am.  I would have DIED in heels.  I’m a barefoot kinda gal so I like to be as close to barefoot as I can.  Flats are my jam.

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Hankering. For more of the delicious food that we served that day.  Especially the stunning cupcakes and cake topper that my Momma made for us.  She’s an amazing cook and an even more amazing baker.  And she was in the kitchen the two days leading up to our big day, baking and cupcake decorating away.  What a saint!  Thanks Momma!

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Hoping. That the next five years (and billion after that!) go as smoothly and blissfully as these five have.  People always told us that the newlywed love would wear off…but I think they’re full of it.  I still get giant butterflies in my stomach when I hear Bennett’s voice on the phone or see him after we’ve been apart for a while.

I’ve still got a crush on Bennett after all these years together.  I’m glad we found each other back at WVU, while we were being wild and crazy kids.  He’s the calm, level headed one.  I’m the loud, hyperactive one.  We are very alike and completely different. 

Happy Anniversary, darling.  Love you to pieces.

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**all of these amazing photos were taken by our [then] photographer and [now] dear friend Don Feenerty.