I’ve been a bad bloggy friend and subscription owner.  I’ve been hording my Pen Pals boxes and not sharing them with you guys!  I’ve got a few months of a subscription service with Designs by Nicolina’s Pen Pals and I’ve had two boxes that I’ve yet to talk about.


Yes, I took these pictures on my scratched and dirty kitchen floor.  So sue me!  It’s the only place in my house that any version of light on this dreary rainy day.

Anyway…I love everything that showed up on my doorstep.  I’m fully aware that Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year, but I’m going to pretend that everything in purple was made just for me.  Right Nicole?  I mean, this print is AWESOME.  I’m all about positivity and happiness and spreading joy and this baby is going to be hanging in my house as soon as I obtain a frame (or clipboard??) for it.  Soon, people.  Soon.


Having creative friends means that you get to bounce ideas off of them.  I remember when Nicole was designing this macaron card and I let out a squeal when she texted me the example of it.  So freaking cute. 

Plus, I just had my first ever macaron (yes, I do live under a rock) and it was delicious.  And I totally get the appeal and now I want more.  Any bakers out there want to hook a girl up?


And then obviously I think Nicole designed this card for me as well.  Hello There nerd glasses…yes, I do love you a lot.  She has a few other designs with cute things written within adorably colored spectacles.  I’m a big fan.IMG_2703

This subscription box is making it easier for me to send random and sweet notes to my loved ones.  And sometimes Louis even steals on to scribble on so we can send them out.  I love that Nicole has started this Pen Pals box.


Want your own goodies from Nicole?  I know where to find them!
Pen Pals subscriptions
— Happiness print
— Macaron greeting card
— Spectacles greeting card

Whoops!  She and her hubby are on vacation right now so her shop is closed for the week.  I’ll be sure to update these links as soon as it’s live again. 

[Side note: I’ve already got some Jamberry nail strips coming my way so you don’t need to remind me that my crafter-nails are in need of some TLC.  Haha.]