**I’m skipping ‘My FAVS on Thursdays’ today to bring you a tutorial.  I’m bad, I know.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go check out the brilliant posts from my girls Nicole and Meghan!!

Independence Day is just around the corner and dressing in theme is totally my “thing”.  I’ve been seeing a bunch of American Flag-inspired tanks and shirts all over the place and suddenly a light bulb went off: I should make my own!

So I did.  And they are glorious.

american flag tanks

This project is cheap, easy and quick.  Basically all of my favorite things with a do-it-yourselfer.  You’ll notice that in the photos we are using regular old spray paint for household projects.  I ran out of time to gather my supplies before my crafting buddies were to arrive, so I didn’t get a chance to run to Joanns and pick up fabric spray paint.  So I cheated.

Let’s consider it a test.  I thought it might be passable but honestly, the paint dried sticky and once I washed it, it faded a bunch.  Don’t do what I did kids, use the real thing.

supplies needed

The supplies list is short and sweet.

— FABRIC spray paint.  You can find this in most craft stores.  I know for a fact Joanns carries it.

— White tanktop or tee.  (We used a light grey for Louis’ shirt and it turned out too!)

— Painters tape.

— Star stickers / stars cut out of paper


Lay out your design however you’d like.  The sky is the limit.  We all chose horizontal stripes but I think vertical could be really cute too.  Just make sure your painter’s tape and star stickers are pressed down well on all of the edges so it gives you clean lines.

Spray away.  We used cardboard to cover up the top or bottom halves while we were spraying the opposite ends.  Spray painting is always a messy job and the cardboard gave a little more protection against the residual spray.


Give your paint a few minutes to dry.  Because we chose spray (instead of painting it on with a brush) the paint tends to be a lot thinner, thus quicker to dry.  Also, I like that we all gave it an uneven hit of paint.  To me, it adds a lot more character and texture.


Peel off the painters tape and stickers and you have yourself a rad, themed, Americana tshirt!


I think they all turned out super cute.  I’m excited to rock mine this Independence Day!


Also, a quick thanks to these two beautiful gals that came over last night to do this with me.  I didn’t even tell them what we were doing, I just asked if they wanted to come play.  That’s a lot of trust they put into this crazy redhead.

Both BJ and Jenna claim to “not be good at making things” but they did awesome, had fun making their shirts and left feeling like they could take on another project.  Victory in my book.  Thanks ladies!!