Hands down, my favorite summer festival in Wheeling is the Good Zoo Brew.  This was the fifth year that the Good Zoo hosted this amazing event, third in which Bennett and I have attended.  It’s seriously so much fun.  Delicious beer, delicious food, tons of fun people to chat with and delicious beer.  Have I mentioned that I like the beer there?

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Wheeling’s craft brew scene is slowly but surely growing.  We have a few brew clubs in the area, one local brewery and some of our favorite shops are starting to have the capabilities of pulling in craft brews from around the country easier and more often.  It’s great because Bennett and I are self-proclaimed beer snobs and we enjoy being able to have more options and support the smaller breweries out there.  Go indie or go home.

One of the coolest parts of having the brew fest at the zoo is that the staff bring out different animals during the event for us to see/meet.  The penguin was a huge hit.  He just scooted around the crowd of people, stopping long enough for some to get pictures with him.  So cute.  And now I want a penguin.

The snake though?  Hell no.  Keep that thing away from me.

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The food vendors are great every year.  And this year, the Zoo Brew seemed to have exponentially grown from the previous two.  HUGE amounts of people were there and huge amounts of vendors.  Of course, our favorite food spot was at the Vagabond Kitchen’s hangout. 

Because Katie and Matt.  What’s better than that?

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It’s funny to reflect on your personal growth through a drinking festival.  But I’ll do it anyway.  The first year we went, it was really just Bennett and me…and we’d stop once in a while to chat with a friendly face that we may have known.  Last year, our reach grew a little more and we had a few more people that we knew but it was still pretty low key for us.

This year, everything has changed.  With my business gaining a little more notability, Bennett’s photography project and our friendships/work with the OVYP crew…we couldn’t walk two steps without bumping into someone that we knew.  It was crazy.  Good crazy though.

We spent a lot of time talking about ‘Meet Me in the Alley’.  I think it’s fabulous that there is still such a buzz about Bennett’s project.  When he started it, he was all worried that it would just be pictures of Glenn, Louis, me and his parents.  Now his numbers are past 200 people and there isn’t a slowdown of interest in community participation.  I couldn’t be prouder of that husband of mine.

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Weekends in Wheeling are never dull.  No complaints here.