Bennett’s best friend / college roommate / groomsman / partner-in-crime got to marry his soulmate this weekend in Morgantown.  It was gorgeous…and the bride and groom were too!  The decorations, sweet hints of soft pink everywhere, atmosphere, weather, amazing guests and the location were perfection. 


Bennett was asked to be a groomsman and there was no way he wouldn’t accept that opportunity.  Jimmy and Bennett have such a great friendship.  Corny as it might sound, they are bonded like brothers.  Poor Jimmy had to deal with me practically living in their apartment during the entire year in Morgantown and didn’t complain once about Bennett’s annoying girlfriend.  He just happily joined Bennett in making fun of me.  And they played lots of video games and acted like silly boys all of the time together. 

When they get together now, they still act like silly boys and I love it. 


I also love when we have an excuse to dress up as a family.  Since Bennett was rocking a tuxedo, I made sure that Louis (my date) and I matched.  Because I can.  Plus he looked crazy adorable in the vest and bowtie that I made for him.  Such a stud.


The ceremony was at Lakeview Resort and the reception was at a quaint little Bed & Breakfast just down the road from the resort.  It was so nice.  (It also makes me want to utilize Willow Glen for a wedding destination in the future like they had this one set up.)


The details of the wedding were so sweet and romantic.  I especially loved the guest book that they had.  Which wasn’t a book at all, but rather a shadowbox frame that we dropped wooden hearts into after writing on them.  I’ve seen so many variations of a guest book at this point but I think this might in the running for my favorite one.


Did you say you wanted to see more pictures of my sweet, handsome Louis?  Yes?  Here ya go!


The photographers brought with them a box of props for a “photobooth” on the lawn and it was well utilized by the guests.  Once Louis saw that box, he didn’t leave it.  Funny hats, glasses, moustaches…the works.  It was a child’s dream.  And an adult’s dream as well.  Everyone seemed to flock to it and had a great time taking silly pictures.


Although we didn’t know too many of the guests, it didn’t really matter.  Jimmy & Bree’s friends and family quickly became our friends and family as well.  Having that many people mesh so well is really awesome.  Apparently they only surround themselves with people as wonderful as themselves.  Genius plan.


This is the second time now that we’ve been to a wedding with a designated “His & Hers” drink options.  It was really sweet.  Bree had some out-of-this-world watermelon puree/vodka drink and Jimmy went with a classic Jack & Coke.  I’m fairly certain that Bennett and I were happy with both choices.  Delicious.


I remember meeting Bree for the first time.  Jimmy brought her as his +1 to our wedding and we instantly loved her.  Anyone that is as easy going and sweet as she was upon first impression was good in our book. 

Plus she’s crazy beautiful so we were all, “Jimmy.  You’ve got to lock that down.”  Haha.  Sometimes I wish Bree wasn’t so nice so I could hate on her for being so stinking pretty.  Darn her!


We had such an amazing time celebrating love and marriage and that gorgeous couple.  Maybe we can do it again next weekend? 


We are so proud of everything Jimmy and Bree have accomplished in life.  I can’t wait to see what comes next for them.  The Doctor and Mrs. have such a bright future – and will be making probably the most beautiful, smart, nerdy, adorable children that will ever be created.  Well, maybe just second to Louis. 😉


Congratulations you crazy kids.  We love you both dearly.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!