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One day, a couple of weeks ago, a box showed up on our doorstep.  Unannounced.  With the words “live” and “open immediately” written in big red letters on the outside of it.  You would think I would have been  more cautious…but I ripped it open to discover a gift that my Mom sent to Louis.  She’d heard that he was all into playing with caterpillars now and she wanted to further his interest in them.

Inside the box were five teeny, tiny caterpillars in a jar…along with other things to help them grow, feed them and watch them change into butterflies.  It’s really awesome.

[side note: I feel like I use the word “awesome” a lot.]


I think Bennett and I might be as fascinated by it as Louis is.  They started out super teeny but ended up multiplying in size super rapidly.  We didn’t have to do anything, just keep the container sealed and out of the direct sunlight.  (And maybe out of Louis’ hands because his curious little ways wanted to constantly be holding it and looking at his “cute” little friends.)

Within a week or so, they had started to cocoon and form into chrysalis.  We were supposed to wait until ALL of them turned but there was one fuzzy buddy being a fatty pants and hanging out to eat as long as he could.  I would have waited longer but one of the butterflies is starting to bust out and I didn’t want them to be trapped and unable to develop because of one slowpoke.


I put them into their new net home last night and the long wanderer has finally gone to the top of it and started to change as well.  Finally!

So here we are.  Within a couple of days, we should have some butterfly friends flying around in their net home.  And then after a few days of enjoying their company, we will set them free to continue the rest of their lifecycle in the wild.

It’s been fascinating so far to see if all happen right in front of you.  I feel like I’m in an elementary school science lab!

Anyway, I do believe my Momma found this kit here: Nature Gifts.
This would be a really cool gift for a kiddo in your life.  It was for the three of us!  Thanks Momma!