Yesterday was Father’s Day and we spent it like any other Sunday: as a family.  I let Bennett off the hook on some things and gave him some extra free time to play video games and relax…but we didn’t really go “all out” on our celebrations.  Dinner on the porch with family is more our speed.


I don’t think Louis knows how good he has it.  Bennett is basically the most amazing father a little boy could ever ask for.  Sure, I carried him in my belly for 9 months but Bennett has done the majority of the work with Louis.  Staying at home with a kiddo is nothing to bat your eyes at.

And I truly believe Bennett has gone over and above the standards of parenting.
He is Super Dad.


I used to get super jealous of their bond.  Especially when he was a teeny babe and I was just back at work.  Louis would literally light up whenever he saw Bennett.  And laugh hysterically at everything his Daddy did. 

Now it just makes me happy.  Happy that he has such a loving, strong, present, thoughtful parent with Bennett.  And a wonderful example when/if Louis becomes a father himself one day.


Here’s to modern parents.  And stay-at-home dads.  And especially to Bennett.
Happy Fathers Day, dudes.