Saturday was Wheeling’s 2nd Annual Centre Market Wing Fest.  Last year, I think we were out of town or photographing a wedding, or doing something important because we didn’t get to go.  This year we made sure that it would happen. 

I mean.  Wings and beer.  In Wheeling.  It’s like the perfect McKinley storm.

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We roped two of our friends into tagging along with us and then filled our bellies with chicken wings and beer until we practically had to roll out of the joint.  It was really fun and so nice to see so many people in the market.  It’s one of my favorite parts of Wheeling and I’m always happy to see it filled to the brim.

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I was also happy that they had something available for Louis to do.  I feel like we are always taking him to things that aren’t “kid friendly” in the sense that there is a kid-specific activity.  Art With a Twist is a new shop in the Centre Market that I’m excited about.  It’s a walk-in studio that is based around painting ceramics, mosaics and canvas.

They had a “Paint the Chicken” contest for the kiddos, where they got to paint a ceramic chicken and have it voted on for their age group.  We left before the voting so I’m not sure where Louis landed in the contest…but we didn’t really care all that much about the contest.  Louis was just happy to get his paint on.

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Of course, our well-accessorized child also had to paint a ring blue.  He wore it immediately and has been wearing it since.  It gives him water powers (I think)….I’ll have to ask him again today.

Good food.  Good beer.  Good friends.  Good time.
We are looking forward to Wing Fest 2015 already!