On the morning before my birthday, I sent this message to Bennett:
”Let’s have a party tomorrow.  Grill out.  Pool for the kids.  Maybe a half-keg from WashPa.”

Within a few hours, Bennett had a shindig planned to celebrate my 29th birthday.  Really, I just wanted an excuse to have people over for drinks on the porch.  But I’m really glad it happened.  I had such a good time on Saturday!

IMG_5954IMG_5955(not pictured for these group shots are Jon-Erik, Heather and cutie-pants Liliana.  Bummed I didn’t think to take this before the left!)

Bennett and I are terrible at surprising each other with anything, because we get super excited and somehow spill the beans.  He managed to pull off the surprise of the year by orchestrating a visit from my sweet, sweet friend.  Jess lives like a million miles away and still drove up to Wheeling (at a moment’s notice!) to spend the afternoon with us.  I almost cried when I saw her.  She’s seriously the best. 


Perhaps the highlight of the evening involved bubbles.  Big ones.  Bennett constructed this giant bubble making thing-a-ma-bob and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to create the world’s best and biggest bubbles.  It’s weirdly comforting and therapeutic to make them.  Bennett forced just about everyone in attendance to try it…and I think they all loved it.

Giant bubbles were a success!


Louis also had a really good time.  Mostly because his new best galpal was over to play for a bit.  They swam.  They played with (and popped everyone’s) bubbles.  They dug up dinosaurs in the sandbox.  It was delightful.  Such sweet kiddos.


Thank you so much to everyone who called/texted/Facebooked me a birthday wish.  And an even bigger thanks goes to all of the amazing people who came and celebrated with us.  I had a wonderful day!

Might I add that I never expected presents.  Like, none at all.  But my friends are sweet and they came with gifts in hand even if we said not to.  I’m only talking about it because I am apparently very transparent in my interests.  My gifts were: flowers, fabric and craft beer.  Ha! I like what I like, what can I say?  Thanks guys!