Bennett has been talking about taking Louis to Pittsburgh for a visit to the Carnegie Science Center basically since he was born.  On the brink of his 4th birthday, we finally managed to make our way there.  So super glad we did.  It was a freaking blast.


We like places that make learning fun.  Louis likes places that are super hands on and filled with kids.  It was a win on all fronts.


Louis’ favorite floor was the one filled with robots.  For obvious reasons.  Robots are really cool.

The robot that greeted us held Louis’ attention the longest.  He had lots to say and then did little performances in voices from various Star Wars characters.  Big selling point for the McKinley family.  #starwarsnerds


And then of course, they had THE ULTIMATE robots in the forms of C3PO and R2D2.  Strangely enough, Louis spent more time talking about the first robot than two of his favorite characters.  I think it’s the first one moved around and talked…the other two were just standing there all boring like.


We had a blast while we were there.  I’d go back again tomorrow if someone asked me.  I’m also looking forward to Louis being a little bigger and being able to play in the physical activities section of the Center.  I’m pretty sure trying to strap him into a harness and bounce super high in the air wouldn’t be his forte at the moment.


Our goal is to constantly be giving Louis more “experiences” than “things” in life.  He’s not going to remember the money we’ve spent on toy after toy (after toy) but he’ll remember the days where we went and learned, explored and had fun.  Hopefully.

I’ll always remember these moments.