Celebrating.  More of summer by hitting up the carnival at a local church last night.  Games, a carousel ride, face painting, spending time with the Gilots (and their crazy adorable little girl) and avoiding eating all of the carnival food was in the mix.


Growing. A fondness for the change in pace of our lives lately.  I was complaining for a good bit that we were always so busy but I think we are starting to catch our stride.  Being busy isn’t a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t overwhelm you.  I think I’m coming around and finally enjoying it.  It’s not like life is going to slow down for us as Louis gets older.  I’d better embrace it while I can.


Playing.  Matchmaker for my (nearly) 4-year old son.  Is that so wrong?  Maybe.  Or maybe allowing an arranged marriage would totally be okay.  Because look at these two.  Liliana is such a doll and Louis melted my heart into a giant mushy puddle when he went and grabbed her hand for photos.  GAH.  They are the cutest!


Setting. A bedtime for Louis and then breaking it a million days in a row.  We are trying to get him on a schedule (for the first time ever) and it’s hard to keep because we are always out and about in the evenings.  This carnival is one example.  Whoops.

Feeling.  Happy to be turning 29 tomorrow.  I embrace growing older because I feel like I’m growing into it.  Seriously, it was ridiculous last night.  I made fun of Bennett for being all “teenagers these days” like an old fart but I can’t say I always disagree with him.  I can’t speak for being a teenaged boy but I’m not missing my teenaged girl years.  Such an awkward stage of life to go through.


Five reasons I’m glad I’m not a teenager anymore:

  1. I’m not a slave to fashion trends.
  2. The only boy I need to impress is my husband.  And he signed a marriage license that says he has to love me no matter what.  So I’m good.
  3. My age isn’t a reason people don’t take me seriously anymore.  Because 16 year olds?  I was an idiot at sixteen and so are they.
  4. I’m comfortable in my own skin.  Take me as I am, people.
  5. Being weird/unique/different is applauded by adult peers.  Teenaged peers?  Not so much.

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