Watching. Louis excitedly help us with little chores is so much fun.  It’s one of those signs of him growing up right before our eyes.  He wants to be a part of the adult stuff.  He wants to help.  And he’s becoming more capable of handling things himself.  Well…slightly capable.  I’m not sure how much cleaning he actually did but it was really cute to watch him wipe down the car with his rag.

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Searching. Different blogs for inspiration for Lou’s birthday party next month.  Back in December (or maybe even earlier than that) he decided that he wanted a pirate birthday party.  He’s a nut.  So I’ve started designing his invitations and pulling ideas together for his theme.  Kids parties are so much fun to plan because you can be super silly and overly obnoxious with theme and it’s legit.

Missing. The part of my inner child that finds bugs as fascinating as this kiddo.  We have an overabundance of millipedes right now and Louis loves them.  It’s weird but cute.  Most of them get the same name: Nilla.  At least once a day he puts one in his dirt, grass, stick and leaf filled millipede jar that we keep in our living room.  There is a gross amount in there and the majority of them haven’t quite “made it” in their new home.  No matter.  We will continue to feed his curiosity as much as we can.  No harm in a bug jar, right?

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Growing. Quite a fondness for the ivy crawling all over the walls surrounding our house.  It’s so pretty and lush.  It took quite some time for it to grow but now it seems to be flourishing.

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Ignoring. Or at least trying to ignore the fact that Bennett manages to take the worst photos of me possible.  For being a photographer, he sure heckles his wife a bunch when she asks for a photo.  I think the first face is being made because Louis put his mouth around something super disgusting and dirty to yell into it.  Great capture, Hun.

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Calm down boys, I’m taken.  And despite these photos, very happily married.

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