The Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley (CMOV) hosted a FREE concert on Saturday for anyone who wanted to attend and we were all about it.  Ever since the Fresh Beat Band concert back in November, Louis has been asking if we are going to a concert.  Really random concerts too.  His most recent one he’s been stuck on is a “Wild Krats” concert.  Um.  No.

We were at least able to deliver on this one.  Thanks CMOV!


I was THRILLED that the lineup wasn’t your traditional style kid’s music.  If it were, we probably wouldn’t have lasted.  This was more of a rock infused, child geared concert.  And it was pretty fun.  There were so many cute kiddos in attendance with their families and I am going to speak for all of them (you’re welcome families haha) and say that everyone had an amazing time.

First up were Josh & Gab.  They are based out of Pittsburgh and are an anti-bullying musical comedy duo.  Their songs were all upbeat and fun with an all-over message that bullying is not okay.  I think it’s safe to say that most of us can get behind a message like that.


The headliner on Saturday was a family band called “Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips”.  CJ Pizarro (Mista Cookie Jar) is formerly from Wheeling and now tours with his group, bringing a mix of classical, roots music and urban flavors to kiddos everywhere.


The kids were all having such a great time.  So many were up dancing and spinning each other around, rocking out to the music.

And then.
They brought out the bubbles.


The crowd of kids went wild.  Who can resist bubbles?  They were swarming the stage and the performers as they were walking through the crowd.  It was wild.


Louis loved the show.  We sang their songs all day on Sunday and talked to Lou about his favorite parts of the day.  It was a great experience for him and I think it was really neat that the Children’s Museum was able to bring this to the community.  For free too!


A giant thanks to everyone who put this together for us to enjoy!  It was great!