This is going to make me sound like an old cranky woman but I am so not a crowd person.  I feel smushed and I don’t like being around that many people at once.  This is one of the many reasons why I could never live in a big city, or a medium city.  Or maybe even a city that’s larger than Wheeling. 

The Italian Festival happens every July here in Wheeling and it’s the largest one that the city holds each summer.  It’s a huge draw for people from all over and I believe it’s the largest Italian event in a large span of area around us.  Please don’t hate me for saying this Wheeling friends, but it’s not my favorite festival.  Mostly because of it’s size.  Bennett and I tend to avoid this event each year.

That being said, we braved the crowds and went to the Italian Festival on Friday night.  We seriously only did it because we thought Louis would love the rides.  He did.  Of course.


After we ran out of money for rides, we fought the foot traffic and headed to the amphitheater section to watch the entertainment.  They had different people acting and singing like the classic artists: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc.  Louis kept asking when they were going to start singing “Whoop Whoop and Style” [Gangnam Style] so he could show off his moves.  I told him he’d be waiting a while for that to happen.


Regardless, Louis did like the music.  I sang along to all of the songs and it gave us a chance to sit (get out of the mass amounts of people!) and enjoy a delicious pepperoni roll.  I didn’t hate it.


On our way to our car, we decided that we needed a beer.  And those beers ended up being the size of our heads.  Or maybe larger.  So we obviously needed to photograph the moment.  Because it’s what we do.


In conclusion to my rambling, I suppose the Italian Fest wasn’t all that horrible.  But if we can get away without going again next year, I probably will.  Crowds and Katy do not mix.

Maybe I am an old cranky woman.