Hey guys!  Last Thursday we were hanging out in the hospital with Bennett during his little stay there, so I missed sharing my FAVs.  Have no fear!  I’m back and hanging out with Nicole and Meghan today. 

Join us and linkup at the bottom of this post with your FAVs from the past week. A girlfriend and high school classmate of mine is starting up a new business and wanted to see if anyone wanted samples.  Hello?  Me! Me!  Juliana Miller is one of the new faces of Perfectly Posh, a line of pampering products and I’m excited that she sent me some things to try out.


I am a beauty product minimalist.  Like in a serious way.  I hardly put any makeup on (beyond my eye shadow, mascara and occasional red lipstick) and my face wash is generally a bar of soap.  A bar of the cheap stuff.  I’m so fancy.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade my care products…

Julie sent me samples of Dragon Mojo body butter, Delish! foaming face wash and Calm Down!  oatmeal face mask.  While I liked all three products and their adorable names, my favorite by far was Delish.


I have weird skin.  Or maybe it’s normal, I’m not sure.  I think it’s weird.

I almost never need moisturizer because I become an instant greaseball.  Gross.
Seriously, I have to shower every day or otherwise my hair and face show it.  Every day!  It’s so annoying.  I’m not one of those girls that looks better “the second day”.  I would kill for that.  I’ve learned to control the hair-grease a little bit with dry shampoo (thank you whoever told me about it) but even after washing my face in the morning, I still feel ick without a shower.

The morning that I used Delish! I didn’t feel as gross sans-shower.  It smells good, my skin felt soft and it was clean.  Sometimes washes can leave a gross residue that feels counterproductive to put on your skin.  This didn’t at all.  Which I am pleased with.

I’ll be soon perusing Julie’s site to check out other items that I might want, but Delish! will soon be in my cart.  For realsies.

Juliana Miller's profile image


Juliana is a stay-at-home Momma (of two!) that decided she needed some girl time.  She’s finding it through Perfectly Posh by connecting with women just like her – who don’t necessarily take the time for themselves but totally deserve a little extra pampering.  Don’t we all?


If you’re looking to get your hands on some of Perfectly Posh’s pampering goodies, head straight to Juliana’s site: https://www.perfectlyposh.com/julianamiller/  She also hosts in-home Pampering Parties as well as online versions.  Just saying.  Go check her out.  STAT!