While Mom was here visiting, Louis’ birthday happened to fall in the middle of it.  She lives in Idaho and it’s not often that she gets to see her kids and grandkids…so when she does, my Momma does some serious spoiling.

She wanted to do something super special for Lou and she decided to take us to Chuck E Cheese for the first time.  Hello super amounts of fun!


The adults (Bennett, Mom and myself) loved playing the games just as much as Louis did.  And the fact that we went on a Tuesday mid-morning hour, the place wasn’t super busy to the point of getting overwhelmed and wanting to leave immediately.  It was just right. 


It was super fun and Louis is a lucky boy to have such an awesome Nana that wants to experience fun things like this with him.  Lou really loved having Nana around for a couple of days.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited he was that she was coming.  And for his birthday, no less!


(We are still working on getting Louis to look at the camera and smile at the same time.  He comes across as a tortured child too often, haha!)