Ahoy Matey! | A Pirate Party for Captain Louis

Aug 25, 2014

We couldn’t pass up the chance to throw another awesomely themed birthday party for Louis.  He loves parties, we love parties, I love making ridiculous decorations for them…it works out for everyone.

Louis has been asking for a pirate birthday party since December, at least.  Maybe earlier than that.  I don’t know why but that’s what he picked way back when and has been talking about it since.  He is a [little] man that knows what he wants.


I excitedly made a design for his invitation and then we carried it throughout the entire scheme of things.  Even though Louis wanted people to sing “Happy Birthday Blue Blaster Dark Blue Superhero Pirate Louis”, he was okay with us just sticking to Captain Louis for the majority of the décor.  This kid.  He cracks me up so much sometimes.


Louis helped me pick out the fabrics for his shorts and I think they turned out super adorable.  His only request was that they had pockets…which I’m not sure why because he really doesn’t use pockets for functionality.  Forgive me, but he allowed me to snap photos of his outfit so I took advantage and am sharing away.


Before the party even started, he walked out onto the porch and exclaimed, “This is the best birthday party ever!”  Louis giving his stamp of approval made my day.  He was genuinely excited and thankful of the work that Bennett and I had put into his special day.  Heart melter, that one.


The decorations were fun to put together.  Bennett and I both had fun with it.  We decided upon non-scary pirates and wanted to avoid being all “Pirate Jake” schemed.  Nothing wrong with the other themes….it’s just that we weren’t pigeonholed into specific details.


Each kiddo (and parent!) got to take home with them pirate hats, eye patches, telescopes, swords, necklaces, treasure maps and whatever coins/booty they found in the sandbox.  Basically, we wanted a party full of pirates and then to let everyone take an entire costume back with them to play with later.  Louis loves dressing up and I can imagine that he’s not the only one.


I adore the letters that Bennett painted.  So stinking cute!  He also made really kickass treasure maps that he’d hand drawn then stained with coffee grounds and burned the edges for authenticity.  They were great.  I wish I’d thought to take a picture of one unrolled because they were so cute and such a great addition to the gifts and décor.


We stuck with the Take & Toss cups again this year for the kids to drink from.  They’re cheap, you can’t break them and they have lids and straws.  Perfection.


While my Momma was visiting, I had her teach me how to make these adorable cupcake toppers.  She has a bit of a background in cake decorating and is amazing at basically everything…so I may have put her to work on helping with some things whi
le she was here.  I think the little frosting hats are so super cute!  I was going to make them out of paper but having something edible on the cupcakes was such a bonus.


Other than that, the only things we had hanging were a “Happy Birthday Captain Louis” sign and some tissue pom balls that were giving me serious trouble due to the humidity levels this weekend.


Well.  Those…and these ridiculous pirate bananas.  Oh my gosh I love them so much! 


Officially, Bennett wins the Father of the Year award.  He rented this baller pirate costume and braved the humidity and heat index just for Louis.  I was impressed by the authenticity of this costume!  So much more real than my stripes and “Yarrrn!” tshirt.  Ha!


We found these awesome inflatable swords (for super cheap too!) for the kiddos to play with.  The adults got in on the action too, no worries about that.  We checked beforehand if they could hurt you when hit by them…but you can whop someone pretty hard and it didn’t hurt.  You can’t give a child a sword and expect them to not sword fight but we wanted to make sure they weren’t going to be injuring each other during the epic battles.


Louis and his friends were playing hard the entire time.  The birthday boy was a red-faced, sweaty mess but he was having such an amazing time playing that we couldn’t get him to eat anything.  That is, until Bennett asked Louis if he wanted to have cake.  He was all about that.

Being the center of attention and having everyone sing to him?  Yes, he loved it.


Kiddo was also super spoiled by his gifts.  I can’t tell people to not bring gifts…because they do it anyway.  He made out like a bandit and we got some really amazing things to add to our collection.

Thanks to everyone for spoiling our 4-year old!  The best moment was when he opened up his Lite Brite and thought it was a brand new iPad.  Kinda….but not really even close.  Good guess though!


We have been lucky lately with all of the new friendships we’ve been forming.  I think Louis has been a big catalyst…especially since he’s started school.  It’s wonderful to have a growing connection with groups of amazing families.  Especially since those families are all made up of adorable kids and awesome parents that are willing to come over for a party and be dorks right along with Bennett and me.


Happy Birthday, Captain Louis!  You make your Daddy and Momma proud every single day.

Some links to the party details:
— Pirate themed shirts: Handmade Escapade
— Louis’ shorts: Kids Shorts Pattern by MADE
— Gold coins: Amazon.
— Take & Toss kid’s cups: Amazon.
— Pirate Hats: (I’ll share my pattern soon!)
— Pirate Cupcake toppers: DIY Blogged HERE
— Pirate rings: Amazon.
— Pirate swords: Amazon.


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