As if yesterday weren’t enough of an emotional rollercoaster for me, today we had to go and drop Louis off at his first day of JK3 (junior kindergarten).  Sure, we took him to school last year for We2 but this is different because he’s doing this on his own.  No Momma and Daddy to go to class with him.  ::tears::


This morning, he had me a little worried.  He didn’t want to get out of bed (per his usual routine if we wake him up before he’s ready) and he kept saying that he was going to miss us.  He didn’t want to go to school alone, etc.

But as soon as we got close to the school and walked him into his classroom, there was no issue whatsoever.  He ran into the class, started playing and not a tear was shed.  I might have wanted to cry but I kept it together.  I’m so proud of that kiddo, I’m sure he’s going to be a wonderful student.

The house feels weird and empty right now.  I wonder how long it’ll take until that feeling goes away.  Never?

BTW, if you want a sign like Louis is holding in this picture, my awesome friend made these for you to download and print for free.  Nicole has all of the grades available on her site here: Free First Day of School Download.