Louis is still sleeping right now.  Little does he know, something changed for him overnight.  He went to sleep a 3-year old and is waking up FOUR YEAR OLD.  Eek!  I find it incredibly hard to believe that I’m the Momma of a four year old.  How did this happen?

My Mom is visiting from Idaho right now and I got a chance to show her Louis’ baby book for the first time last night.  Every time I look at those photos, it’s a giant flood of memories of Lou and how he’s changed and impacted our lives.  It’s amazing how someone so small and innocent can be the greatest teacher in your life.

We were as unprepared as every new parent on the first day of his arrival.  The only thing we knew to expect was that we would never know what to expect.  Louis was such a good baby, he really was.  He had our hearts and full attention from the first moment of his arrival.

Louis Newborn

When he made it to One, Bennett and I joked that his birthday party was actually a celebration of us being able to keep him alive for an entire year.  He was such a happy, easy baby but Louis still put us through the ringer at points.  Even then he was testing our boundaries and seeing how much he could get away with.  Louis has always had the biggest personality. (And blue eyes.)

Louis 1year

By Two, Louis had become his own little person.  A HUGE personality in a tiny little body…he was changing from that baby we’d known into a little boy.  He could hold conversations with us, loved to dance and this was the year he’d decided he was Super Louis and would wear his cape and mask everywhere we went.  Louis always kept us on our toes and was our never-ending source of laughter, kisses and love.

Louis 2year

When Louis turned Three, we celebrated in a pretty RAWR-some way.  A porch party full of our friends, lots of dinosaur items and loads of fun.  He had started developing his own relationships with little pint-sized people and he grew exponentially in a very social way.  We still have a giant role in his life, but he was becoming more independent.  All we can do is sit back, enjoy the ride and help guide him through the struggles and victories that his life would be bringing him.

Louis 3 year

And now, in the early hours of his fourth birthday….I’m getting a little weepy.
Okay.  Maybe a lot weepy.

He’s four.  How did that happen?  We went to his JK3 (preschool) orientation last night.  Tomorrow will be his first day of school and we won’t be going with him.  Louis will be doing things completely on his own.  Without us.  It’s heart wrenching.  We knew this day would come but never knew it would happen this quickly.

I’m so proud of that little man of ours.  He has his moments, don’t get me wrong.  But Louis is so many things I wish I was.  He’s kind, sweet, creative, hysterical, smart, savvy….everything I could ever hope he would be.

Happy Birthday, kiddo.  We love you to pieces.