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I love where we live for so many reasons.  I feel like all I ever do is talk about my love for West Virginia and the city of Wheeling.  BUT (that’s a big but) I do have one big issue with it: FABRIC SOURCES.  We are seriously lacking.  In the worst way.  There is a Ben Franklin’s, filled with overpriced, yet somehow a cheap selection.  And JoAnn Fabrics in St. Clairsville…which leaves much to be desired.  I feel like every time I find out someone got their fabric from JoAnns in their town, I run to mine and can’t find it.  Because they don’t carry it.  It sucks.

Thank goodness we live in the age of online ordering and that Girl Charlee exists.  I’m going to live in my world of delusion and pretend that Girl Charlee exists just for me.

It is a website FILLED TO THE BRIM with amazing knit fabrics.  I’ve recently become a lover of sewing with knit.  Shirts, skirts, dresses, cardigans…the works.  My local fabric stores don’t carry much of anything but Girl Charlee has it all.  And in such fun prints!

The shipping is relatively quick and you get free shipping if you order over $99 worth of fabric.  Surprisingly enough, I actually have a hard time hitting that level.  Sometimes.  The pricing on their knits is so reasonable that it actually takes a lot of fabric to get it to a free shipping level.  But that doesn’t stop me from trying.

Navy Blue & Neons Kaleidoscope Techno Scuba Knit FabricRed Pink Floral on Deep Blue Ponte De Roma Knit FabricAqua Blue Purple Stained Glass Ethnic Ponte De Roma Knit Fabric

I basically die every single time I see the selections in their “Wildlife Collection”.  Would it be weird to have every shirt I wear this fall to have some sort of animal print on it?  Because I’m pretty close to making that happen.

Fawn Silhouette on Dusty Turquoise Cotton Jersey Blend Knit FabricHorse Play on Celeste Blue Cotton Jersey Blend Knit FabricNavy Bird Silhouettes on Orchid Purple Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric

This is by no means a sponsored post by Girl Charlee, or anyone else for that matter.  I am simply sharing my love of this online fabric source because I can.  They do have a referral program that gives me and a friend that places their first order a $5.00 credit…in case you want to help a fabric addicted sister out: 17867.

Have you checked out their site?  Which fabric calls to you the most?