Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of the Peters family.  Brittany and Eddie are great friends of ours and we were more than excited to be able to meet 3-week old little Guinevere. 


I was even luckier because they let me play photographer and capture some photos of the little cutie.  I couldn’t resist sharing them on here.  Newborns are so sweet.  Doing these photos last night made me want to start working on baby photography again…it’s so fun and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Because I need more on my plate right now.


Brittany and Eddie are naturals!  They are so calm and collected with their teeny little one.  It was so amazing to watch them love all over their baby girl.  Guinevere is such a sweet baby too!  For being so tiny, there wasn’t much fussing or crying…she was pretty content with hanging out and being doted over by everyone.


Isn’t she such a little doll?  She looks SO MUCH like her daddy, it’s not even funny.


Thanks for letting us hang out last night, Guinevere!  I look forward to watching you grow and change into your own little person.