My FAVS on Thursdays is a weekly linkup with my girls Nicole and Meghan.  Play along and share with us your favorite thing(s) of the week!

Bennett and I are self-proclaimed “beer snobs”…but I know that we totally have room to grow in our beer knowledge to actually hold that title.  West Virginia has bizarre laws that makes it hard for smaller craft beer companies to be able to distribute across the state line, so we don’t have the amazing options for the craft culture that we would like to have.

What I’m saying is: We are no Denver, Colorado here in Wheeling.  BUT…we do the best we can and work with what we’ve got.  Southern Tier is one of the companies that has finally been able to break into the market in this area a little more and I’m always doing a happy dance about that.  I basically love every beer I’ve had from them and practically lived off of LIVE and Farmers Tan this summer.

But of course, it’s fall now.  And my FAVORITE ones are chock full of pumpkin and spices.  And are delicious.  #sorrynotsorry

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If I had to pick one pumpkin beer to drink all fall long, it would be Warlock.  Hands down.  In the cooler months, I am all about the darker beers and this imperial stout hits the nail on the head.  It’s awesome and so full of flavor.

What do you think?  Have you tried either of these?