It’s been since April that we’ve been able to spend some time with my sister and her little family.  Which is waaaaay too long if you ask me.  We were more than thrilled that Sierra, Nick and Delilah all came over from Indiana to spend the weekend with us.  And I volunteered (like I always do) Bennett to take some family photos for them.

I’m glad I did.  They are wonderful and showcase this adorable little trio.


Delilah is hysterical, adorable, sassy and super talkative.  Just what you would expect to be the offspring of one of us Boltze girls. 


What a crazy difference in growth from last year’s photos to this year’s.  How do children grow so quickly in such a short amount of time?  She was just a little bean in the first photos and now she’s a giant!


I loved our short visit with these guys.  Can’t wait to see them again!!