Last night I had the pleasure of watching a bunch of grown-ass people play kickball.  It was delightful.  I don’t think I’ve played the sport since I was in middle school…I might be able to assume the same for the majority of the players as well.  Lo and behold, there were a bunch of 20 and 30 something year-old people out there on the field having a blast.

I opted out of playing because Louis was with me and there was a playground that I assumed he’d want to play on the entire time.  He did play a little bit but was actually pretty entertained by the game in front of us.  Louis was also very excited to watch Bennett play and kept yelling, “Go Daddy!”.  Bennett clearly had the biggest cheer section.


I might even consider playing in the next round.  It did look like a lot of fun.  Even if there were like 10,000 injuries because.  Well.  We aren’t teenagers anymore.

Lou was pretty excited when they pitched to him and let him kick the ball and then run the bases.  HIS cheering section included the entire group of people we were playing with.  You should have seen the size of the smile on that kiddo’s face.

That’s an awesome group of people, am I right?