It’s the fifth year in a row that we’ve taken Louis to the same place to pick out pumpkins and had him take pictures in front of the same growth chart.  I know that he’s growing up but comparisons like these really drive the fact home for me.


I wish we’d gotten the same big Louis smile out of him but he was seconds away from falling asleep in the car before we reached the spot.  And he was exhausted and not really up to much else.  I’m glad he cooperated this much.  Still cute though.

We are having our annual pumpkin carving party next weekend so it was fun to get fully in the fall mood by picking out our *perfect* gourd for carving.  I still have to figure out the design I’m going to carve.  I make it way more complicated of a thing than it needs to be.  It’s just what I do.


Because I can’t resist putting them all next to each other…


I wonder how many years we will be able to get away with doing these photos?  I’m not above bribery if it comes down to it.  Just saying.