Long before Meet Me in the Alley became a “thing”, Bennett had been planning with a couple of other local photographers to do an art show with their variety of styles.  Last night was the grand opening and it was great.


As usual, I’m crazy proud of that husband of mine.  Sometimes it feels like photographers and artists are a dime a dozen and it’s hard to set yourself apart from the crowd.  I think he’s on a great path and his artistic voice and style have been developing more and more over the years.


We have some excellent friends (and family!) that all were there to see the art, spend some time together, enjoy some drinks and be their usual awesome selves.  Thank you to everyone who came out last night!


Of course Louis was there with us, but he wasn’t so “into” getting his photo taken with us.  Or at all for that matter.  There had been two sweet little girls that were running around and playing with Lou and he had such an amazing time.  Except when they had to leave.

Then this happened.
There are just so many ups and downs on this rollercoaster of emotions with a 4-year old.  Sigh.


If you’re interested in the least bit, you can always head over and check out the rest of Bennett’s art in his online gallery [HERE].  If you want to see what Suzanne, Rachel and Bennett have up on display, it will be in the Wheeling Artisan Gallery on the 3rd floor through the rest of the month.  I recommend going and taking a peek at the brilliant work from three very talented artists in the Greater Ohio Valley.


We are constantly overwhelmed with the support we get from everyone, especially related to our crazy endeavors.  Both Bennett and I have taken a very unconventional approach to a career path and no one has called us insane yet.  At least not to our faces.  There has been nothing but kindness and excitement and I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful that feels.

So thank you.  Everyone.  It’s made dream chasing even more obtainable for us.