Anna Fonner is the uuber talented sweetheart behind Ark Photography here in Wheeling and we had her take our family photos this year.  I adore Anna and her husband Jimmy.  We met them as we hired them to second-shoot an event Bennett was photographing this spring.  Not only are they super sweet but they have this obvious love for photography.  It was an easy decision to make to have them do this for us.

It’s sometimes hard to step back and not try and micromanage everything.  But I absolutely gave Anna the full reins and let her work her magic.  The only thing I requested was lots of yummy light.  She delivered.

Louis fell asleep in the car on the way to the site.  What could have been seen as a disaster (you know, sleeping child instead of wide-awake and smiling child) turned into some of the most heart warming photos of Louis with both of his parents.

So often, Bennett and I are the ones with the cameras in our hands.  We have millions of photos on our computer and hardly any include all three of us together.  Plus, we don’t have a single photo of our threesome printed for our walls at home.  It was necessary for this to happen.

mckinley 115

Louis has had a camera in his face his entire life.  And lately he’s become a little difficult to photograph.  Getting him to both look at the camera and smile at the same time is hard work.  By George, she got some great ones of him doing the impossible.  Miracle worker, that Anna.

mckinley 168

I am incredibly pleased with her work.  I love these photos and already have them planned out for wall art and Christmas cards.  Making friends in the photography world is so much fun.  Thank you so much for these precious images of my entire world, Anna.  You rock my socks off.

Image credit for all images to Ark Photography.
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