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The thing I’ve loved most about being a part of the Etsy community is the connections I’ve made with people.  I especially love that I’ve even been able to meet people right in my own hometown that are AMAZING artists and inspirational as all heck.

Danielle is one of my new besties.  In real life even.  She lives a town over from me, is a super gorgeous woman (inside and out) and is a kickass designer.  Have you ever read the “Quit Your Day Job” interviews on the Etsy Blog and gotten all dreamy eyed about being able to quit your own day job and make things for a living?  Um.  Well….Danielle was the first person I’ve ever known to have been featured on this.  She is seriously credited for giving me the final kick in the butt to be able to pursue Handmade Escapade as a fulltime thing.  She’s amazeballs.

You can read Danielle’s interview here:

2014-10-02 favs

I now have a couple of pieces from River Valley Designs but my ALL TIME FAVORITE thing in the entire world is this cuff that she made special for me.  It was a gift for taking the leap and quitting my day job to chase my dreams.  I absolutely love this cuff.  The only true problem I have with it is that I get this song stuck in my head during the entirety of wearing it.  Not the worst problem to have.

Superhero Keychain Valentines Gift Personalized Bat You Are My Be Your Own Superhero Date Wedding Anniversary Boyfriend GiftPersonalized Hand Stamped Necklace - Dainty Vintage Brass Hexagon Be The Change Gold Custom Mommy Necklace Sterling SilverMothers Day

I would just copy/paste all of her items to this post because I seriously love everything she does.  You can tell she takes a lot of pride in her work.  Everything is done on such a professional level and I cannot get enough of what River Valley Designs offers.  Danielle is the shiz.