This is the fourth year now that Bennett and I have hosted a pumpkin carving party for our friends.  And the fourth year now that I’ve loved every second of it.  Honest to god.  It’s so much fun.


We have a crazy busy October coming up so this was the only weekend that we could do this.  It seems really early to be carving pumpkins but it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s in October, right?  It certainly got me in the Halloween spirit and I’m wondering when I can make a trip to the fabric store to start getting Louis’ costume ready.  And maybe a trip to the beer store to get some more pumpkin beers.  Because pumpkin.


We always have a friendly competition with our carving.  The person/couple who ends up at the party without a pumpkin to carve becomes the judge.  And after all of the pumpkins are carved (and some bribes are accepted), we put the  judges in the carving room by themselves to deliberate.  It’s super fun.  Minus the fact that because we are the host & hostess and our prizes are usually something we’ve made…so we take ourselves out of the contest.

But let’s be real.  If I were in it, I’d win ever year.  Right?  Right!
Or maybe Louis.  Because his pumpkins are always super cute.  I ADORE his mummy.


Don’t they look awesome when they’re lit up? 
Eddie’s “I’m a Monster” pumpkin took it this year.  If you’re not an Arrested Development fan (or junkie like we are) you probably won’t get it.  But it’s hysterical to us.  Go Eddie!


And of course…the proud owners of these pumpkins:


-Erik possibly wins for the biggest effort.  He came into a house full of West Virginia fans and free-handed an Ohio design.  🙂


Not pictured are the 3204982309842309568098 shots Bennett made us take.  He was getting all fancy and made Brain Hemorrhage shots, as well as some apple cinnamon moonshine.  Yummo.  (Followed by a headache the next morning.)  I think this is the second year in a row that we’ve failed to get a picture of Bennett with his pumpkin.  I tried to remind him but he was too busy playing bartender.  :: sigh ::

Who is ready for next year?  I am!