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Do-It-Yourself Halloween :: Etsy Love

Etsy LoveKaty McKinleyComment



Squeeeeee!!  It's Halloween week!  We've got the next seven days jam packed full of finalizing costumes, parties, school parades and trick-or-treating.  So freaking excited!  Here are some quick DIY projects you can find on Etsy to help celebrate this super fun, creative holiday.

I literally just hit "purchase" on one of the paper masks, like the skull....but I picked the velociraptor because it would get a lot more use in my household with my dino-crazed Louis.  So excited to put it together!!  The book folding instructions are AWESOME and I'm keeping it in my "mental gift bank" for Christmas this year.  I adore the knit pumpkins...which will carry over through November.  Hello #pumpkineverything!  And get out of town with the little Halloween amigurumi.  AH!  Everything is so cute!!

Happy Halloween week, loves!