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Besties and Babies.

Katy McKinleyComment

My friend, Ashley, came to visit us on Thursday and brought her sweet little boy with her.  We haven't seen Tucker since he was a tiny little thing, so it was an extra special visit.  I mean, visits are always special with Ash...but getting to spend time playing with Tucker is bonus.

We spent the majority of our time playing in the water.  We set up a water table for the boys and the soaked themselves head to toe with that...as well as when Bennett busted out the hose and sprayed all of us down.

Tucker seemed to really take a liking to Louis.  Lou liked Tucker back...and I adore these pictures of them together.  (Even if they are out of focus because apparently I need to learn how to use a camera sometimes.)

Ashley and family are in the process of moving to Oklahoma right now ::sob:: so it was especially great that we got to squeeze in a visit with these two.  Lucky us, Ash still has family in West Virginia, so we know she'll be making the trip home from time to time.

It's fun to think back on when we met, and who we were [wild women] back when we were baristas at the Starbucks Cafe inside of Barnes & Noble in Morgantown.  Two college kids.  Pretty much the same people we are now, just with a lot less alcohol consumption on a daily basis and a lot more responsibilities.

It was so good to see you, Wifey!  Can't wait till next time!

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