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Sunday Lately :: Week 26

Katy McKinleyComment

Happy Sunday!  I am off to a super slow start today...but I thought I'd still drop this little ditty on the blog.  What's up with you Lately?

Planning. On being super lazy today.  Well...we of course are going to hit up the Multicultural Festival that's happening at the Heritage Port later in the day.  But seriously, I'm exhausted.  We slept in, had breakfast courtesy of Sheetz and I am writing this blog post while Louis and Bennett go comicbook shopping.  So we aren't exactly the most productive crew today.  And that's okay.

Loving. These new earbuds I've found.  No joke, I have had an epic journey trying to find headphones for years now.  For some reason, the universe has blessed me with petite earholes.  Legitimately the only petit things on my entire body.  Thank you for that.  But it makes earbuds actually painful to wear because they're always too big.  I found these babies and Target the other day (IN PURPLE!!) and tried them out.  Bingo-bango, they are perfection.  No ear pain and they've been very useful this past week while I've been waking up early to walk my long driveway in the mornings.

Reading. Not much of anything this past week.  I actually took a mini-midweek break from the blog part of life and feel a little refreshed because I did.  I have been blogging very consistently for two months now and stepping away for a couple of days was just what I needed.  

Wishing. We could repeat last night all over again.  Bennett and I went to the Oglebay Good Zoo Brew last night for our fourth year in a row and had a BLAST.  We were both dressed in handmade clothes by me, which was extra fun for me.  And we got to hang out with awesome people while drinking beer and seeing various animals that the zookeepers were bringing out for us to pet and learn about.  Super fun.  I wish this happened more than once a year.  It's that good.

Feeling. Over the moon about Louis' new love of drawing.  We've always tried to encourage him to color and draw and he's never seemed very interested in it.  He would always rather do something physically imaginative...like pretending to be a super hero or dancing, etc.  We bought him a big pack of markers and his own drawing pad and he's been really filling up the pages lately.  I love it.  Even if sometimes the marker doesn't hit the paper and becomes more of a nailpolish.  Haha.