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Veronika Skirt by Megan Nielsen

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You know how sometimes you know you "can do" something but you don't want to because you're lazy and don't want to figure it out?  I mean, there are a million tutorials for some things and sometimes I'd just rather someone hand me a pattern.

That's how I've felt about circle skirts.  There are a lot of resources out there that help you figure out the dimensions to make an perfectly sized skirt for yourself (or your little one) and I have never done it because I'd rather make something that took less thought for me.  #lazysewist

Veronika Skirt-005.jpg

Someone shared the other day that Megan Nielsen released a free circle skirt pattern and I snatched it up as quickly as I could.  For a couple of reasons, really.  One was the lazy reason.  But I also have been considering a few of Megan's patterns but wanted to try out her style of patterns/tutorials before actually jumping in.  Her designs are fabulous and feminine...and I'm dying to get my hands on some of them.

This held true in her Veronika Skirt pattern as well.  Which is awesome and free and you can find it on her site [HERE].  And oooo, can I tell you how much I love this pocket detail she has?  A LOT.  I love it a lot.

I am a firm believer that pockets make a dress 29234987493287 times better than one without pockets.  I don't even put anything in them.  They aren't for storage...they are for a place to put your hands!  I am this awkward person who is constantly standing with her arms crossed, which can send mixed signals to people sometimes.  Like I'm being off-putting.  But really, I just need a place to put my hands, haha.  Pockets, especially in dresses and skirts, solves this weird tick of mine.  Don't judge.

In case you're going to ask, these fabrics are both from Girl Charlee.  The floral print actually came to me in a KnitFix order (where you don't know what you're getting, just that you get 2-yard cuts of a few different exclusive fabric styles) and it was my least favorite thing.  Ever.  I like loud prints and florals but it wasn't my style.  But now that I've added the stripes detail, my entire feeling toward this fabric has changed.  The stripes really break up the pastel and muted colors of this fabric and make it a little more funky and loud...just like me.  Ha.

Veronika Skirt-007.jpg

Maybe I should have titled this post "One Pattern, Two Ways" because this is exactly the direction this is headed. I am proof that you can take something basic and put any twist on it that you'd like, to create completely different outfits.

We were heading to the Oglebay Good Zoo Brew and I wanted a new outfit for it.  I mean. Who doesn't like to make themselves new outfits for special events?  I've been drooling over tulle skirts on women for a while now (thank you friends' pins on Pinterest) and I thought this pattern would make this desire a reality for me.

Is a [days away from being] 30-year old Momma too old to wear a tulle skirt?  Hell to the no.

The only alterations I did to the pattern was to shorten the skirt a tad, but not much.  And then I added four layers of tulle on top of a soft, knit fabric.  It had just enough fullness, the knit saved me from being scratched to death by tulle and it provided ample amount of coverage.

Oh gosh.  And my shirt?  I couldn't help myself.  I had the idea to make this and I wanted to pair it with this skirt.  It was like a match made in dork-heaven.

Buy me fabric and tell me I'm pretty.
Is it too much to ask?  (You can get your very own version of this shirt HERE or HERE.)

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