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Sunday Lately :: Week 31

Katy McKinleyComment

It's always hard to believe another week has flown by.  We are in August now?!  How is this possible?  Let's get down to it again this week -- here's what I've been up to Lately.

Planning. The rest of our summer.  Why does August always seem to be the busiest of the warmer months?  I feel like we try and squeeze all that we can out of summer before Louis goes back to school.  

Loving. The progress I've been making with Louis' capsule wardrobe.  Holy potatoes, I've been on a roll!  I've currently knocked out six pairs of pants (I plan to make more jeans down the line, and maybe another khaki, because he can ruin bottoms so quickly), a fall jacket, and one long-sleeved shirt.  I feel so accomplished with it.  And I know that i can make it all happen now...the lofty goals I set for myself don't seem unobtainable.  So excited to photograph and piece it all together!

Reading. LOTs of new blogs.  I think, ladies and gentlemen, that I have found my niche.  Yay!  I've joined up with a lot of sewing/creative bloggers recently and I am looking forward to all of the learning, inspiration and creative fun I'll have with them down the line.  My favorite reads now are my loverpants Becca (Free Notion), adorable Stephanie (Swoodson Says), and my soul sister Melissa (Rebel and Malice).

Wishing. I could have more evenings like I just did last night.  Bennett's aunt and uncle are celebrating their 50th year of marriage and we drove down to Charleston, WV to celebrate with them and the rest of the family.  The Gerkins are AMAZING people.  They remind me a lot of my Mom's side of the family.  Smart, loving, funny, loud....the whole package.  We spent the entire day just laughing and drinking and eating (everything in site).  It was awesome.  We need more nights like this.

Feeling. Pumped up and ready to take on the new week.  I've lost my mojo with Handmade Escapade over the last week or so.  It happens.  Ask anyone on the creative side of life.  But I think on Friday, it was rediscovered and I'm ready to make it work again.  New designs, working on the website, updating Etsy listings....maybe even starting to plan ahead for Christmas (eep!).  Bring it, August!!