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And we're back!!

Katy McKinley3 Comments
There's nothing else quite like the feeling you get when you are home after a long vacation. :)

We had a blast in Michigan with the entire family...but there's always that deep need to be home, in your own bed, or even snuggled on your own broken-in couch.  The ride from Michigan took us eleven hours this time, but we've returned to West "By God" Virginia safe and sound and are looking forward to 2009.

A huge thanks is needed to be sent to Billy, Sierra, Nick and Nicole for all the hospitality while we were there.  Basically: Thanks for putting up with us, guys! 

Now that the holidays are said and done, Bennett and I can start really getting the details all worked out for the wedding.  In case you haven't thought about how soon our big day is in comparison to today....it's just over 5 months!!  If this years goes by even remotely as quickly as last year did, 5 months will feel more like 5 weeks.