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Exciting news!!

Katy McKinley1 Comment
First of all...I have to give a big thanks to two ladies I work with: Donna and Jess.  Yesterday, they filled in as family members and went along with me to get my wedding dress from David's Bridal.  I think they did really well, giving me hugs, taking tons of pictures, and giving all the compliments a bride-to-be enjoys. :)  Thank you guys!!

So obviously: I picked up my dress yesterday!!  I LOVE it.  And, the best part is that I don't think there are any alterations needed, it's the right length/fit/everything.  I still have an appointment set in April for the bustle...but not needing alterations anywhere else is really going to be easy on my wallet. :)  Woohoo!!

I brought it over to Mary and David's house for storage...there's no way I could keep it at our house, and they even managed to make my smile bigger than it was by gushing over the dress a little more.  I really can't say it enough, but without my future in-laws, this wedding wouldn't be possible.  They've been AMAZING with everything.  I'm a lucky girl!

Other than that (along with mixed emotions from people surrounding me), the inauguration is today and I'm working on getting live feed streaming to my iPhone so I don't miss anything.  I know a lot of it is going to be crap I don't need to watch...but I'm excited to hear President Obama's speech. 

Bennett and I were talking about it the other day, that this is going to be something our children will be reading about in text books.  You know...the first black president, the one who (cross my fingers) will pull our troops out of the middle east and (HOPEFULLY) will bring us out of this recession.  It's neat that I'm actually able to experience it first-hand, rather than read about it years from now. 

To my Republican friends and family out there....
I'm sorry.  You've had your eight years, it's time for someone else to see what they can do. :)