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This is "snow" not fair!!

Katy McKinleyComment

This is a view from outside of the Maxwell Center (where I work)...I thought that 9am was supposed to be greeting you with beautiful, sunny skies to make you actually want to be up in the morning.  :)  The roads are less than desirable right now...

The thing that I am upset about the most is that this is Bennett's FOURTH day off of school due to weather.  FOUR!!  How unfair is that?  He's been sleeping in, playing with the dogs, watching tv and just relaxing while I'm at work.  He tells me this morning that he's getting a "long weekend"...and I had to bitterly snap back at him that six days of no school isn't exactly considered a long weekend.  He's pretty much getting another winter holiday out of this whole deal and he's got Mother Nature to thank for that! :)