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I didn't do anything wrong...

Katy McKinley1 Comment

Don't let yourself be fooled for one minute by George Michael and his cuteness.  He can be a little devil sometimes!

Yesterday, Bennett came home from class to find that GM had torn his glasses to SHREDS.  He's been such a good boy lately, he must have decided that it was about time to get into some trouble.  We were in a slight panic because those are Bennett's only pair of glasses and he was on his last pair of contacts.  Basically...if we hadn't gone to get some replacement contacts yesterday, my fiancee would have been as good as blind.  He doesn't exactly have the greatest eyesight....which is why I was so quick to worry.

Imagine if he ripped his contacts, haha.  "Sorry professor, I couldn't see to drive to class today."  I'm not thinking he could have gotten away with that excuse.