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70Degrees to 46? Gross.

Katy McKinleyComment

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Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day in the life of us West Virginians.  We enjoyed 70 degree weather for the majority of the day…to the point that I had to turn the air conditioner on because our house was getting too hot.  (In March…imagine that!!)

Bennett busted out his golf clubs to play a little “swing and retrieve” with the dogs.  It’s a hit/miss with the pups if they’ll actually bring his golf balls back to him.  George Michael and Maeby will almost always race to snatch the golf ball up…but somehow on the way back they lose interest and drop it somewhere in the yard.  I guess that it always makes it easier for us to find in the end, so we can’t complain too much about the attention spans.

Today we aren’t exactly as lucky with the weather.  I woke up this morning to be greeted by thirty degrees less than yesterday and a cloudy sky that is threatening rain.  I would almost prefer Mother Nature to stop teasing me with the occasional warm day because it makes days like today much harder to bear.

Other than that…I know that my Mom arrived in Michigan around 11pm last night for her visit with my siblings.  I’m dying to be there with them right now, it’s just not possible for me to do so.  Sierra has been helping Billy as much as she can (and he will allow) and has been my source of information on his happenings.  I guess that he went in on Tuesday for his first of 12 chemotherapy treatments.  As scary as it is to think about…the whole situation is very surreal to me because I am not there to experience it with him.  I hope he knows Bennett and I are there in spirit!