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I’m forever blowing bubbles….

Katy McKinley3 Comments

It’s amazing that somehow Bennett and I try to claim we’re grown-ups…and yet we do such child like things all the time.  Yesterday we thought it would be fun to blow bubbles.

Turns out…it was! :)  George Michael even enjoyed it as he chased all the bubbles all over the yard and then couldn’t figure out where they went after he bit them.  Maeby was less than impressed because I think she quickly realized that soap doesn’t taste that great.  (George never figured that part out…he kept on chasing and biting them.)

I tried getting a video of the little stinker but it was difficult to coordinate Bennett actually blowing a decent set of bubbles and George Michael noticing them enough to chase after them instead of the random leaf that blew past him.  Sometimes I wish I could spend some time looking through the eyes of a puppy…IMG_2307