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Yes, I'm still here

Katy McKinley1 Comment
So, I do believe it is about time for my semi-annual post. For once, I do have something to truly blog about. Besides the awesome 70 degree weather outside, I've had a successful first half of my spring semester and have taken on more responsibilities with my interning. Before a recent review with the different supervisors etc., I prepared a lot of ideas to really show my initiative for moving forward with a head intern position. Specifically, I am now going to be redesigning both the calendar of events as well as their website. Though I didn't have too many mid-terms, I did get 100 on one of them...which I'm very happy with. Even though most of the students have "checked out" for spring break...I still made it up to campus to enjoy very empty classrooms today.

When I got home from class and realized it was about 70 degrees, I practically ran inside, changed all my long sleeve clothes into shorts and sandals. The dogs really wanted to run so I took them out into the woods. The 2 pictures to follow are what Maeby and George Michael do best:

So, tell me...can you find George Michael in this picture? Big grand prize for the first to find him.

The water might still be cold but when Maeby got a chance to go swimming..she took it.

As I said earlier I was excited to be able to wear shorts and sandals...Katy and I have found a tree that hangs over some rocks and where the roots have grown out, you can stand over the creek. Both the dogs and I are very happy spring is coming and welcome the warm weather. It is great to have the property available for our hikes.

In just a matter of a couple weeks, there will be grass and leaves on all the trees. Hope spring will be arriving for all the friends and family across the states.