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April Fools?

Katy McKinleyComment


Thank goodness nobody decided to play an April Fools joke on me this year.  Somehow I forget what day it is and at the very least, Bennett calls me with some crazy story and I buy it.

We actually had a pretty busy and fun Wednesday….very out of the ordinary because normally we get out of school/work, go home and watch tv.  It was nice to change it up a bit.

Bennett was invited to dinner and a Nailers game with his Liberty Oaks people.  (Liberty Oaks is the Bed & Breakfast he’s interning at.)  I tagged along because I could. :)

Up until yesterday, I was convinced that I was bad luck for our local hockey team because the last two games we attended, they lost.  Thankfully….they took the victory in overtime and the “curse of Katy and Bennett” has been lifted.  Or at least that’s what we’re going to claim for now…