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Happy Birthday, Davey!!

Katy McKinley1 Comment



Today, we helped celebrate Davey’s birthday with the rest of the Wheeling family…as well as several of Davey’s friends and their parents.  As you can see by the cake, it was ‘knight’ themed and in true Meredith form, all of the decorations were super cute. :)

It was definitely a controlled chaos, especially when it came time to opening gifts.  I think it was cute because all of the little guys wanted Davey to open the present that they had personally gotten him…and were all trying to push him through the other ones.  The little friendships he formed with all the kiddos there was so sweet, I spent a lot of time just giggling over things they were saying to each other.

I love the moment I was able to catch on camera between Annie and her Papa.  He was teasing her about eating her candy and Annie only really wanted him to open it so she could eat it.  Grandma Mary also made sure that Annie didn’t feel left out while Davey was getting to open all the presents, so she snuck aside and let Annie open up something herself.  Check out the awesome necklaces she’s sporting!

Other than that, I’m posting a video that I was able to capture during the party.  The end clip is of David H. actually having to take over and break the piñata open himself.  After SEVERAL swings from each of the kids, the darn thing just wasn’t even showing any signs of weakness and I think everybody was ready to just get the goodies inside of it.

Happy Birthday, Davey!!  (Oh yeah….and only 21 more days.  Whoohoo!)